Climbing Wall and adventure sports for schools
Climbing is much beyond a competitive sport and fitness regime. Wall climbing is a complex sports and system that not only strengthens muscles in your body but also works on your mind.

Climbing develops focus, flexibility, endurance and instant gratification, that help youngsters become more fulfilled and better adults. Climbing systems and a mix of adventure activities unites physical training with team building and decision making. This is the reason a lot of schools and universities have started to include climbing and adventure activities in their curriculum.

adventure setup in a school - climbing wall manufactured in Delhi

We have keen focus on safety of climbers and understand budget limitations very well, this makes us a preferred contractor for school and university climbing wall projects.

We have worked in education industry with clients like GD Goenka, Sardar Patel Vidhalya, New Delhi Public School, MNDP School, Maharishi Dayanand School, Barkatulla University, Salwan Public School, Amity University, Shadlay Public School.

If you are looking for someone to setup and build climbing wall, Ostacle Course or any other adventure activity for your school or college, feel free to reach out to us for your query:

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