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Revenue Generation for Adventure

OXO Consultants can help you plan and execute your revenue generation strategy for all adventure activities and theme parks

Consulting for revenue planning of adventure activities

Consulting for Setup

If you are planning to build a new adventure setup, you can consult with us for project feasiblity.

project cost estimate for adventure setups

Project Cost Estimates

We can help you plan your capital and operations expenses for your adventure setup


If you are planning to setup a new adventure activity like Zip line, Paintball or Go karting and not sure if you will be successful, you have come to the right place. We can help you conceptualize the right mix of activities, make a phase wise roll-out plan for your adventure setup and help you understand how the economics of a go kart setup or any other adventure activity setup work.

We have helped many entrepreneurs achieve their dream of setting up an adventure based business. Starting from one seasonal activity in malls, to making a temporary structure in festivals to making multiple activities in your resort, we have done it all.

Best revenue planning company for adventure activities in India

Here is a step by step guide for setting up your adventure business:

  1. 1. Create a business plan with a goal to obtain financing
  2. 2. Setup your legal entity and follow other regulatory compliances
  3. 3. Create your expert support team and network
  4. 4. Plan your pricing and create a liability release form
  5. 5. Start marketing your services in the neighbourhood

These are the simple things to keep in mind to successfully operate an adventure business:
  • • Understand your offerings and market need for the same
  • • Understand and define your audience
  • • Choose the right marketing and advertisement channel and approach
  • • Understand your business cycle and adapt accordingly
  • • Analyse your businesses’ performance and keep improvising

If you need expert guidance for your new adventure business, we are the right set of people to discuss it with. We can help you setup the following activities independently or combined:

  • • Go Kart track and go kart setup
  • • Paint Ball Arena or Paint ball field along with paintball guns and other equipment
  • • Small to large zipline setups
  • • Air Cycle or Rope Cycle
  • • Climbing Walls both indoors and outdoors
  • • Multiple Activity Towers wherein you can do upto 6 activity from a single tower
  • • Zorbing setups – both land and water zorbing including pool and ramp
  • • ATV track and vehicles including landscaping
  • • Human bungee slingshot if you are targeting really enthusiastic set of audience
  • • Low element rope course or high element rope course
  • • And many more adventure activities

If you are looking for someone to help you plan revenues and ROI for your new or existing adventure activity or adventure theme park, feel free to reach out to us for your query:

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