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Bungee jumping is amongst the most thrilling rope activities available today. Bungee jumping started as an extreme adventure activity with large setup requirements. Bungee Jumping has transitioned into small setups with smaller jumps. Bungee Jump setup now required less cost and can be done on small to large heights.

Bungee jump can be done from a platform at least 200 feet in air and having enough space and solid base for safety and dive purpose. We can assist you in setting up a bungee jumping activity in India. Bungee setup can be done in hilly & mountain areas and there are various kinds of bungee setups that can be done depending on the site of bungee jump and resources available.

Bungee jumping setup makers in India

We recommend you to build a minimum of 200 feet for a jump. You can go for much longer distances for your bungee setup if you have the right site and availability of budget. In India, Bungee setup is available in Rishikesh and Goa.
We can help you build the structure required for conducting the bungee jumping activity. Our Bungee experts will then do all the safety and jump setup for daily operations.

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Making and installation of bungee jumping setup is a highly technical skill and should be done only through professional and experienced bungee makers. There are a lot of technical factors that will determine the success of your bungee jumping setup. Before you start building a bungee jumping setup, make sure you have the following things planned and cleared up:

  • Length of the bungee jump setup ( If going for a trolley bungee)
  • Height of the base from ground along with height of the bungee jump
  • Safety margins for the jumper
  • Swing available to the jumper
  • Wind impact and anchoring for the jumper
  • Size of the platform / cage for bungee setup
  • Reverse pull up mechanism for the jumper and equipment
  • How many people you will be able to accommodate on the platform and trolley
  • Capacity of the bungee jump base and equipment for daily usage
  • Backup plan in case of pull back failure
  • Bungee jumping setup makers in India

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