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Human Slingshot Consultancy with scientific research,well-structured activity, International standards of safety

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Maintenance and Guidance

Processing and maintainng equipment, event set up and coordination of the bungee slingshot activity


Now, adventures can be awesome, and you can probably pull off your own one a lot easier than you think. If you are planning Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup in India. It’s a great Idea.From the business perspective to make Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup offers a tremendous investment to return ratio if you are looking.

Setup cost also comes very low and unlimited fun for Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup lover .We makes it a with equipped with all safety norms.

We are specializes in creating customized products according to the need of the clients. And a Human Bungee Sling Shot does not require much space anyways. Many of amusement parks, Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup arena, Rope Courses in India we created with great turnkey solutions.We also provide the product using Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup with good servicing and maintenance.

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Here are some frequently asked questions to start before a Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup :

  • How much land is needed for Building Human Bungee Slingshot Setup
  • What kind of mechanism is required to pull the participant
  • How much does it cost to build a complete human slingshot bungee setup?
  • How much maintenance is required for Human Bungee Slingshot Setup?
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