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Zorbing track land Setup with complete layout, elevations and equipment including zorb ramp.

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zorbing track consulting

Consultancy for zorbing tracks with 3D designs,well-structured elevation plan, standards of quality and safety

Maintainance and oeprations being done on a zorbing ball track

Maintainance and operations

AMC, daily operations, equipment procurement, staff training and all related support for your zorb setup


We have our own manufacturing setup of Zorbing balls ans its tracks in New Delhi, India. We are amongst the top manufacturers of Zorbing balls and Zorbing ball arena / track setups in India. Zorbing is rolling out of control inside an inflatable Human Hamster Ball or Human Hamster Zorb Wheel that stands at about 10 feet. Zorbing also includes engagement in fun physical movements inside the Zorb ball such as front flips, huge vertical jumps, and any parkour movement you think can of.

A zorbing ball track setup with zorbing ramp

Our impressive land Zorb arena / land Zorb track is perfect for your new setup. Your guests will love the thrill of running around in a giant ball. The Zorb ball setup arena can be setup inside a large soft plat area with soft spongy ground, an astroturf ground or a flat grassed area in a garden. You can contact us to buy Zorbing balls, create a setup for your new Zorbing balls, make a setup for operating multiple Zorbing balls at once and any other fun you have planned with Zorbing balls.

a long zorbing ball track built in India

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  • How much does it cost to build a zorbing setup with ramp?
  • What kind of zorbing track should be built?
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