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Manufacturing & setup of Indian and Imported Climbing Walls for education institutions, govt. bodies, gyms, adventure parks and farm houses.

Climbing wall consultancy being done

Climbing Wall Consulting

Consulting with years of expertise for all kinds of setups backed with research, and highest standards of quality and safety

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Maintainance and operations

AMC, daily operations, equipment procurement, staff training and all related support for your existing climbing wall


Being India's best climbing wall manufacturers, We can build climbing walls of any length and width. We can also import and install cilmbing walls for you. We can build indoor climbing wall as well as outdoor climbing wall. Our team has built more then 30 climbing walls acorss India till date ranging from small climbing wall setups for homes / indoor gyms to large setups for competitions and full-fledged rock climbing gym setup.
We have built climbing walls for schools, colleges, government departments, army, gyms and farm houses in past. We have also consulted on some of India's largest climbing wall setups.

We have a team of structural engineers, architects, site supervisors and climbers who assist in the creation of climbing walls.

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A rock climbing wall manufactured by oxo


An artificial climbing wall is a walls with multiple grips (holds), a mixture of fixed and movable, for hands and feet. Climbing wall is ususally built for indoor climbing but sometimes it is located outdoors as well. Ealier climbing walls were manufactured using bricks or wooded constructions, but most modern walls are made using modern materials including fibre with holes drilled into the panels.

These panels are generally 4 feet by 3 feet in size though it changes from case to case. The holes in the panel are used for fixing holds that are used as a grip by climbers and for fastners that hold carabiners that are used for safety purpose.

The wall generally has a top belay, which is a rope passing from the top of the wall for safety of the climber along with a fastner on every panel for lead climbing. The holes in panel has a specially created t-nut to allow modular climbing holds to be screwed onto the wall. The wall is mostly rested on a strong metallic frame that keeps the panels in place and provides a sturdy support to the artificial climbing wall.

The climbing face of the wall is covered with textured products for easy grip of the climber. In addition to the movable holds, climbing walls often contain fixed surface structures in shapes of incuts and bulges.

A rock climbing wall manufactured by oxo
A rock climbing wall manufactured by oxo in India
An Indoor rock climbing wall manufactured by oxo

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