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We build Adventre for resorts

We build adventure activities and setups for hotels, resorts and shopping mall.

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Resort adventure consultant

Consultancy for building adventure activity in your resort. Consultation on property visit

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Maintenance and Guidance

Processing and maintainng adventure park equipment, acctivity set up and daily operations


As the popularity of tourist destinations is increasing along with the spending capacity of travellers, a lot of hotels and resorts are being redesigned into destination resorts that provide unique and wholesome experience to their visitors. Adventure activities like climbing wall, Zipline, sky cycling, go karting, paintball and high rope course are one such possibility. It is not only fun and thrill but also engaging.

A climbing wall and adventure in a resort is a great recreational activity that can be planned for visitors of all ages. Climbing walls in resorts and hotels is a fun way for friends and families to spend quality time together.

 an adventure setup built for hotels and resort

Our first activity was long back in the ambience mall where enthusiasts did a pendulum swing from the 5th floor if ambience mall with a swing of 100 meters and airborne time of 30 seconds. Since then we have worked with Have worked on major resort and recreational projects like, Destiny resort, Eco Anchorage Lodge, Deva Adventure Park, Devbhumi Adventure Resort, Reiek Tourist resort, Oakwood Hamlet and many more.

If you are looking for someone to help you setup and build a climbing wall , Zipline setup, Painball or Go Karting to your existing hotel, resort or shopping mall, feel free to reach out to us for your query:

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