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Wearing a sumo suit and wrestling is a great way of recreation. In this sport, the participants wear a sumo suit, which is then inflated with air to increase its size and produce the 'sumo' look. The suits weigh around 11 kilograms, making leg movement extremely difficult. Moreover, the participants are not allowed to use their hands to lift their suits. This results in a fun fight, with each contestant falling in an attempt to hit the other person. A light-hearted activity, it is bound to spread smiles around.


Sumo Suit Specifications :

  • Color : Skin/Yellow/Blue
  • Material : PVC Coated Fabric
  • Diameter : Standard
  • Package weight : 40kg
  • OEM : Logo printing or customized design is acceptable.
  • Delivery : Courier by air or surface.
  • Payment : Net Banking, Cheque or Cash.

If you buy Sumo Suit you will get :
  • Two Sumo Suits in a bags
  • Accessory
  • 2 Helmets
  • 2 Pair of Gloves
  • Mat (15X15 ft)

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