Adventure tourism has been growing in India in double digits for last decade. This has opened door for a new opportunity for various state governments and tourism boards to attract more tourists to their state and city. Increase spending by Govt of India and new spending habits of young India has led to phenomenal increase in the tourism infrastructure of the country.

We ate OXO consultancy are committed to be a part of this mission and make India a truly global destination for adventure sports. We have consulted and worked with many state tourism boards and government of India bodies like Delhi Tourism, Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Mizoram Tourism, Meghalya Tourism, Goa Tourism, Daman and Diu Tourism Dept, Arunachal Tourism, Garwhal Rifles, 14 Madras regiment etc.

An adventure park built by Oxo

If you are from govt or tourism department and are looking for someone to guide you and setup adventure activities for you, feel free to reach out to us for your query:

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